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We’re excited to share some of the latest news in the Physiotherapy industry, our community of Grande Prairie and some tips and tricks our staff is happy to provide free of charge to help you with day to day tasks and helping alleviate potential problems down the road.

Back Pain Treatment In Grande Prairie

How Physiotherapy Can Help With Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common problems in Canada and can be caused by a variety of things, …

What Is Physical Therapy

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a physical and occupational therapy service that helps people with physical injuries, illnesses, or disabilities to maintain …

Physical Therapy On ARm

Physical therapy is about more than just the “physical” attribute.

We just celebrated National Physiotherapy Month back in May! There are so many things physiotherapy can help with, and physiotherapists …

Spring Is In The Air iN Grande Prairie

Spring Is Here!

Spring has sprung (despite the late snow on the ground)! Don’t let those nagging body aches and pains prevent you …

Physical Therapy After A Vehicle Crash

Love Is In The Air…But Snow And Ice Are On The Ground

Motor vehicle accidents happen, especially when the conditions require extra caution on the roads.  After an accident, our bodies often …

Our Third Location Is Now Open

Our Third Location is Now Open!

Kinesis Physical Therapy, located in Grande Prairie, is happy to announce the opening of it’s third location on the south …

Happy New Year From Kinesis PT

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! With the beginning of a New Year, people often set new goals or achievements for themselves. If …

Manual Therapy

De-bunking A Few myths about physiotherapy

The COVID-19 Pandemic got us thinking about how much we like helping people like you!  When we didn’t get to …