What Is Physical Therapy?


Physical therapy is a physical and occupational therapy service that helps people with physical injuries, illnesses, or disabilities to maintain their physical activities. It also reduces pain and improves mobility, flexibility, balance and coordination.

Physical therapists use many techniques to help people recover from injury including manipulation of the spine and joints; massage; exercise programs to improve muscle strength; heat treatments such as ultrasound for sore muscles; therapeutic exercises to improve walking patterns in those who have had a stroke or spinal cord injury. The physical therapist may also work with patients on diet plans or other weight-loss strategies geared towards improving function after an illness or disability.

What is Physical Therapy

What physical therapy is and what it does

If physical therapy has ever helped you recover from an injury, feel better after a surgery or childbirth, or just get back to your life after being sidelined by pain then you are likely very grateful for physical therapists.

Physical therapy is the physical rehabilitation of people who have physical injuries or illnesses. Physical therapists help their clients achieve movement and functional goals throughout the physical therapy process. They do this through assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, implementation of physical interventions including therapeutic exercise instruction and manual techniques as well as teaching appropriate compensatory strategies to facilitate independence in activities of daily living.

The goal is to help patients improve physical functioning so they can return to normal activity levels with reduced pain and disability.

How physical therapy can help you recover from injury, illness, or disability

What physical therapists do is not just physical therapy. Physical therapists are highly trained professionals who help patients recover from injury, illness or disability by using a variety of treatments and techniques to relieve pain and restore physical function, improve mobility and quality of life. But what exactly is physical therapy? And what can it offer you?

Physical therapy is the practice of treating and rehabilitating people to help them maintain or regain physical function and improve their quality of life. Physical therapists work with individuals of all ages to prevent injuries, alleviate pain, restore physical independence after surgery, neurological disorder or disease, encourage rehabilitation from sports injuries, car accidents , work-related injury or chronic conditions. Physical therapists are also instrumental in prescribing physical activity for rehabilitation, illness prevention and overall wellness.

When physical therapy begins at an early age it can help delay or prevent some of the physical conditions that many people face later on in life.

What are some of the Techniques physical therapists use to help patients with physical pain or disabilities.

Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to help patients with physical pain or disabilities. These include therapeutic exercise, massage, electrotherapy, and even water therapy.

Often physical therapists will prescribe exercises that the patient can do at home in order to maintain any physical progress they have made during their time in rehabilitation.

Physical therapists typically work closely with other health care professionals including physicians, nurses and occupational therapists in order to provide comprehensive treatment for their patients.

The goal is always to help the patient achieve maximum physical independence so they can resume normal activities without pain or disability.

If you are experiencing chronic pain or disability it is important to visit your doctor who may recommend physical therapy as an appropriate intervention for your condition.

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