Knee Braces In Grande Prairie

We are excited to inform you that Kinesis Physical Therapy on 68th is now be offering Donjoy Custom Knee Bracing. We will be fitting custom braces for both knee ligament instabilities/deficiencies and knee osteoarthritis unloading. We are excited to be able to offer this service to the community to help get our patients moving again!

knee support with Donjoy Knee Braces

As we are slowly starting to return to both youth and adult sport, the custom knee ligament bracing is a great way to get athletes and weekend warriors back to their desired physical activity while having the confidence their knee is supported and stable in both contact and non-contact environments.

When it comes to knee braces, there’s no other choice but DonJoy. The custom brace has a clinically-proven technology and is manufactured with high-tech materials that allow this lightweight product provides durable support for Professional Athletes or leading Physiotherapists around the world who require an effective solution in their sport-related injuries while maintaining dressing up underneath all kinds of clothing without feeling bulky at any time!

Do You Need A Knee Brace?

When you have an injury or are experiencing pain in your knee, a brace can help provide support and reduce the inflammation by limiting movement. There are many types of braces for different purposes including ones focused on providing relief from certain ailments like arthritis-related issues!

What is the Best Knee Brace?

With the increased wait times for surgical consults and elective surgeries, this can put further strain on a patient’s mobility and deteriorate their quality of life. Custom osteoarthritis unloading bracing is a non-invasive way to improve knee alignment, offload the affected knee compartment, and reduce pain while completing activities of daily living.

We have seen the benefit of Physical Therapy for patients waiting for surgeries and those returning to sport, and with the addition of custom bracing, the patient will lead a more comfortable, stable, and active life.

There is no right answer for what the best knee brace is, it will come down to your needs for knee braces in Grande Prairie.

If you have a patient that will benefit from custom bracing, please forward a referral to our office via fax at 1-866-565-3247 and specify if it is a right or left knee. 

If you have any question please call the clinic at 780-513-8313 and press option 2.

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Kinesis Physical Therapy's

Approach to Knee Braces

For those that come to Kinesis Physical Therapy with knee injuries we typically advise a period of activity modification to avoid potential further injury. A personalized treatment plan based on the results of the evaluation as well as the proper use and fitting of the knee brace.

In most cases, treatment will involve various other exercises that can help with strength training to address any weakness in muscles around your body including those located near their joints such as the hip & trunk area because this could cause discomfort while walking due to lack of movement.

In addition, we’ll recommend that patients wear knee braces to alleviate pain and prevent potential future injuries. Braces come in a variety of sizes and styles; they’re each designed for specific functions so it’s important to visit us for an assessment.

Knee Pain and Bracing Options in Grande Prairie, AB