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Locally owned and operated by long-time residents of the Peace Region.

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Physical Therapy in Grande Prairie

We provide physical therapy in Grande Prairie and Beaverlodge that offers evidence-based, client-centered approaches to treatment for all types of musculoskeletal (bone, joint and muscle) injuries and conditions.

Our approach to treatment includes a combination of manual therapy (hands on), progressive exercise, and extensive self-management education to achieve optimal outcomes.

Connecting 1-on-1

Virtual Rehab
Now Available

We’re excited to introduce Virtual Rehabilitation at Kinesis!  You and your physical therapist will connect 1-on-1 in a secure, live video appointment. You’ll get the same quality of care you’d receive with an in-person appointment, but from the comfort of your home.

Innovative And Focused

Progressive Treatment For Your Pain

The knowledge and qualifications of our team ensure our approaches to treatment will be innovative and focused on treating the root cause of your symptons. All of the physical therapists on staff have taken additional courses on the relief of chronic jaw pain (TMJ dysfunction).


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Kinesis Physical Therapy
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We’re happy to provide helpful advice and the latest news surrounding Physiotherapy, Concussion Management and more. Visit our latest news resources for the latest advice from our staff and news surrounding Physical Therapy.

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